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  • How should I clean my boots?

    After each use, use a soft brush or damp cloth to wipe off dust, mud and oil. Use a sponge with soapsuds to move stubborn dirt.


    Do not use solvents, chemical cleaning products or hard brushes, as they may damage leather and plastic parts.


    Do not use washing machine or pressure-cleaning machine to clean boots, as high temperature and high pressure may cause damage.


    Dry boots in a well-ventilated place. Avoid sunlight. Do not use a radiator or a heater. To keep leather soft, apply neutral leather cream regularly.

  • How do I storage my boots?

    Store the boots in a dry and well-ventilated placer at proper temperature. If storing boots for a long period, remove insoles, stuff boots with newspaper to retain shape and make sure zipper, buckle and Velcro straps are closed or tied. Do not place heavy things on the products. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Use the original box and padding while transport.
  • How should I disposal the boots?

    In general, boots are classified as household consumables. They must be placed in a dedicated space according to local regulations.